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The Client:

The client’s objective was to remortgage his Consumer Buy to Let property to repay the temporary Bridging Finance in place.  They had already taken an extension to repay the Bridge and were running out of time.  The bridging lender was threatening to take action to force sale of the property due to exceeding the term of the bridging finance, therefore client needed to move fast.

The Scenario:

On assessing the application, the bridging finance in place was a cross-charge over two properties, with most of the amount to be repaid secured against the client’s Consumer Buy to Let property.  The affordability of the remortgage was failing, so it was agreed with the bridging company that the client could repay the charge against the Consumer Buy to Let property for £455,000, which would leave the remaining funds as a charge against the client’s residential property.

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The Solution:

The remaining funds of the bridge remained as a charge against the client’s residential property under new bridging terms, allowing the client to take another 12-month bridge with the same bridging lender.  This reduced the risk of the bridging lender forcing a sale of their residential property.  

A remortgage for £671,000 was secured for the client against the Consumer Buy to Let property and the affordability was self-funding from the rental income. £455,000 was used to repay the bridge and the remaining funds to repay the existing mortgage balance.

The client’s income would have increased substantially by the time the bridge was due to be repaid on the residential property which helps the client to remortgage the residential property to repay the remaining balance of the bridge.

The customer was then able to keep both properties and force of sale was eliminated.


Even when our clients feel they have no options available to them other then the resale of properties we can assist as a whole of market Broker and find solutions for some of the most complex cases.

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