Secure the most flexible & affordable Commercial Property Bridging Loan to effortlessly cover for the shortfall while buying, selling, leasing or refurbishing commercial properties.

commercial property bridging loan

Commercial Property Bridging Loans – Quick Approval, Fast Disbursement, Easy Repayment

Buying or leasing an expensive commercial property requires you to summon all the help you can get. Multiple mortgages and countless trips to banks aren’t always enough to fully cover the costs involved in the process.

If your business finds itself in such a tricky corner, a commercial property bridging loan may well be the answer you are looking for. From easy processing to swift disbursement, our bridging loan solutions in regard with commercial properties are just what you need to bridge the capital gap and keep your project from getting stalled.

What is a Commercial Property Bridging Loan?

A commercial property bridging loan is a short-term mortgage that facilitates the purchase, refurbishment and lease of commercial properties.

It’s worth noting here that commercial property bridging loans are available to semi-commercial properties as well. Most lenders use a fixed percentage value based on the usage of the property to determine the commercial status. As a rule of thumb, if more than 40% of the total valuation of the property is on account of the commercial use, it qualifies for commercial property bridging loans.

Commercial property bridging loans are available as first as well as second charge mortgages for all commercial properties.

Please note that lenders make this call based on their risk appetite.

How a Commercial Property Bridging Loan Can Help Your Project

The most prominent benefit that a commercial property bridging loan brings on board is the freedom for the borrower. Borrowers can choose to repay on their own terms, as many lenders offer the interest-only financing option for commercial properties.

Let’s round up some routine scenarios in which such bridging finance packages can help projects keep standing.

Commercial Property Purchase

Commercial property prices are on the rise. Gone are the days of recession when thousands of commercial properties used to be available at not-so-premium price points. So, it goes without saying that businesses, developers and investors have to flex every capital muscle to gather up the resources required for outright buying commercial properties.

If you have already taken a property mortgage to fund such a purchase, a commercial property bridging loan can help you write off some of that mortgage so that capital becomes available to you for repairs and miscellaneous expenses.

Businesses aiming to move operations to a bigger facility or establish newer locations can best benefit from such bridging loans.

Commercial Property Development

Developers also need to pour in significant sums of money to develop through-and-through commercial properties. From developing downtown office space to undertaking a build-to-rent storage facility, many commercial development projects can use a bridging loan to address last minute expenses or prop up existing development mortgages.

Commercial Property Lease

It’s a common practice for small and medium sized businesses to lease commercial properties. These lease deeds can run for decades before they conclude. Understandably, the security deposits and advance payments required to secure such a lease are hefty. With a suitable commercial property bridging loan, you can take care of these expenses.

Commercial Property Renovation

Renovations to commercial properties, unlike those to residential properties, can easily run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. In most cases, existing development or property mortgages can’t be used to foot this bill. A commercial property bridging loan presents the most reasonable way out in scenarios like this.

How Does Commercial Property Bridging Finance Work?

Commercial property bridging finance works exactly as other bridging finance products. Please visit this page to follow our step-by-step guide to how bridging loans work.

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