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Bridging Loans for Land Purchase for UK Property Developers & Businesses.

bridging loan for land purchase

Bridging Finance – A Convenient, Swift Way to Finance Land Purchases

Many experts believe that land spaces still account for safe investments. If you’re running a business and you wish to acquire more land properties for investment or expansion, a bridging loan can be the best way to finance your project.

While bridging finance is still a relatively newer concept in UK finance industry, it’s worth noting that more and more businesses have started to rely on bridging loans to quickly push expensive projects towards completion.

What Makes Bridging Finance Attractive?

There are numerous reasons that make bridging loans the most attractive financing option for land acquisition projects. In addition to being convenient, in some cases, bridging loans also prove to be the only feasible financing option.

  • Land Purchase for Investment Purposes

If you want to purchase a piece of prime land as an investment, bridging loans are worth considering. Businesses buying land properties as an investment usually fall short on liquid capital, as they aren’t in a position to put any other property up for sale. In such a case, they can choose to take a bridging loan by mortgaging an existing property. This mortgage can then be moved to the newly bought property to repay the bridging loan.

  • Land Purchase for Business Expansion

As a business grows, it feels the need to move to a bigger facility or a better office space. The most common practice in such a situation is to put the existing properties up for sale and use the proceedings to purchase new land.
However, unlike residential property deals, businesses can’t afford to have any cold period between the sale and the acquisition. A bridging loan is useful in such cases. The business can put the existing property up for sale to find an interested buyer. Upon successful negotiations, the business can draw a sale contract for the said property, with a fixed conclusion date. This sale contract can then be used to support a closed bridging loan application.

Bridging Loans for Commercial Property Financing – It’s All About Timing!

The most important thing that bridging loans bring to the table is the speed. Compared to other commercial finance products, bridging loans go through much quicker – within a matter of days, if not weeks. So, to best benefit from a bridging loan, you need to make sure that you get the timing right.

The best time to apply for a bridging loan for land acquisition is when you have found the buyer for an existing property, or when the mortgage contract for the same is in place.

Most Affordable Bridging Loan Offers – Right Here, Right Now!

Many businesses tend to approach the only lender they are familiar with – from big banks to high street lenders – whenever they are in need of a bridging loan. This either results into their application getting turned down and their land purchase project getting shelved, or their application meeting exorbitant counter offers that don’t make much sense.

Your business needn’t go through this again. Commercial Finance Network brings to you handpicked, carefully curated bridging finance offers from licensed, reliable and responsible lenders across the UK. Contact us today to speak with one of our Bridging Finance Experts!