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Commercial Bridging Finance – Channelling the Capital to Power the Growth

There’s no enterprise worth undertaking if it lacks the ambition to grow.

A simple yardstick can be the measure of the success of a business – the rate of positive change. To not only to stand up to this yardstick, but also to survive the competition, every business has to keep evolving. This includes keeping up with the latest developments in your areas of operation, if not staying ahead of the curve.

Needless to say, this directly hinges on you continually investing in better assets. From improved infrastructure to hiring talented personnel, every move towards success comes with a price tag. A commercial bridging loan can help you take care of these expenses better than most other loan products.

What is a Commercial Bridging Loan?

A commercial bridging loan is a short-term loan that can cover the capital shortfall towards any and every business expense.

While it is possible to look at commercial bridging loans as a part of commercial property bridging loans, not doing so accounts for better clarity. Please visit this page to see what commercial property bridging loans are, and how they can help your business tackle commercial real estate funding problems.

Commercial bridging finance products are also referred to as ‘commercial bridges’. Termed over 6-18 months, a commercial bridge is typically project specific, in terms of interest rates and repayment schedule.

How a Commercial Bridging Loan Can Help Your Project

The most attractive thing about commercial bridging loans is that they can be tweaked right up to the last bit. This extensive flexibility, a hallmark of bridging loans, allows the borrower to borrow, hold and repay the capital as and when the means become available.

We’ve tried to present some common situations that call for a commercial bridging loan.

Commercial Asset Purchase

Assets that a business requires to boost the growth are simply indispensable. To finance the purchase of such assets, however, isn’t an easy prospect. This becomes especially relevant if the asset in question is a huge, one-time investment.

To finance such investments, asset finance packages are already available. However, if, for some reason, you cannot get an approval for your commercial finance application or the approved amount falls short of your requirements, a commercial bridging loan can be the answer.

From buying a fleet of commercial vehicles to investing in state-of-the-art technology, every forward-looking business investment can use a commercial bridging loan.

Commercial Asset Lease

Some assets offer the best value over a short term. A real estate developer has little business owning a heavy equipment like a crane, but it may make more sense to have one leased for regular, cheaper use. In such cases, businesses can finance the lease of heavy-duty, expensive assets with a commercial bridging loan.

Miscellaneous Commercial Expenses

Barring the purchase or lease of assets, there can arise many situations in which a business has to shell out a large sum of money. From settling tax liabilities to financing the recruitment of skilled personnel, such events do call for a round of external funding. A one-off commercial bridging loan (not in conjunction with any other mortgage) can be of immense use in such cases.

Let Us Worry About Finding the Best Bridging Loan for You!

Running a business requires you to fight many battles at once. At Commercial Finance Network, we understand this fully well. That is why, we want you to stay focussed on the thing that matters the most in this regard – the growth of your business. With a diverse panel of UK-wide lenders at our disposal, we are well placed to ensure that your bridging loan application reaches all the right people.

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