How Does Bridging Finance Work?

The Ultimate Guide to Bridging Finance and how a well thought out Bridging Loan can be a timely aid for you / your business.

how does bridging finance work

Bridging Finance – Faster, More Secured, More Flexible

There’s not a lot of difference between other commercial finance products like development finance or HMO finance and bridging loans. At its core, a bridging loan works just like any other loan – the only difference being the speed of processing, the extent of risks borne by the parties involved and the flexibility of repayment schedule.

How Does Bridging Finance Work?

Bridging finance, as detailed here , is usually aimed at providing an urgent cash injection to businesses. Getting a bridging loan approved is, however, not so straightforward, if you approach a lender directly. This is primarily because of the paperwork involved in the process and the way the loan is positioned to the Lender. That’s why, it becomes more important than ever to have a reliable and experienced whole of market broker like Commercial Finance Network on your side.

A Step by Step Guide to Securing a Bridging Loan

Let’s try to draw a broad outline of how bridging finance really works.

  • a. You decide to get a commercial bridging loan for your business.
  • b. You convey your requirements to us by getting in touch with us
  • c. Our Bridging Finance Experts review your requirements and discuss the future strategy with you.
  • d. Depending upon your repayment potential and the timeline of funds being available, our experts will structure a detailed proposal to put to the Lenders selected to match your requirements best.
  • e. We then forward this proposal to a select group of whole of market lenders. We only forward your proposal to lenders who are most likely to act favourably on it.
  • f. Our experts then go on to choose the lender whose willing to offer you the best bridging finance package in terms of interest rate, closure stipulations and loan term flexibility.
  • g. Within 24 hours, we convey their offer to you. Once we have your approval, we go on to draw a formal AIP (Agreement In Principle).
  • h. After the AIP is in place, the rest of the paperwork goes through smoothly. Commercial Finance Network also helps you through the legal requirements in regard with property valuation.
  • i. As the paperwork concludes, we work closely with the lender to have them release the funds as soon as possible. A regular commercial loan can take anywhere between four weeks to several months to finalise.  However, bridging loans that we broker are usually fast-tracked, allowing you to access the funds within days.

Get in Touch with Us for Any & Every Bridging Loan Query!

With extensive experience of brokering numerous bridging loans for UK businesses over the past decade, we’re best placed to know the intricacies of bridging finance. If you think that a bridging loan is what your business needs to take the next great leap, we’re here to help. Reach out to us here to speak with one of Bridging Finance Experts now.