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All Bridging Loan Solutions under One Roof

UK Bridging Finance helps you secure just the right bridging finance package for you. Our bridging loan solutions are exhaustive, robust and customised to the highest degree. We’ll help you secure bridging loans for:

  • Financing the purchase, lease or sale of commercial properties
  • Raising the initial deposits for commercial property investments
  • Refurbishments to commercial properties
  • Extending the available line of credit
  • Looking after unforeseen development or investment expenses
  • Finalising time-sensitive deals like auctions and foreclosures

For many reasons, foreseen and unforeseen alike, businesses can run short of liquid capital, forcing them to need to borrow money, sometimes urgently. This, however, isn’t all too easy, especially when the time value of money is taken into account. A conventional business loan from a mainstream lender can take months before it lands into your account. Valuation, risk assessment, negotiations and due paperwork all contribute to these delays. So, when your business is in urgent need of money, few options are available – a bridging loan is one of them.

Salient Features of Our Bridging Finance Services

  • Short term loans available for UK businesses of all sizes for purchase, lease, sale and investment purposes
  • Bridging finance offers from an extensive panel of UK-wide lenders
  • Short term mortgages structured exclusively around your repayment potential
  • Bridging loans starting from a little as £20,000
  • Competitive interest rates on all bridging finance packages
  • Guaranteed decision within 24 hours for all initial applications
  • Thorough support at all stages of the process
  • No-obligation quotes available

What is a Bridging Loan?

In the simplest of terms, a bridging loan is a short term loan that helps you sustain the funding for a given project – in part or in full.

Every new project comes with its costs. Regardless of how well you plan for these expenses, things can take often take an unexpected turn, leaving you scrambling to arrange for extra funding on an emergency basis. As you may well know, however, it’s easier said than done to secure a short-term mortgage at the last minute. This is a typical situation when a bridging mortgage can effectively ‘bridge’ the gap between what is available and what is needed.


Consider a scenario in which a business wants to move to a larger premises. To house their operations satisfactorily, the business needs to rent out 2 floors of premium office space. The lessor, however, can only finalise the rental agreement if an initial security deposit of £250,000 is escrowed. While the business can afford to pay this upfront, it makes more sense for them to borrow this money and not disrupt their cashflow. So, they choose to take a bridging mortgage of £200,000, while putting £50,000 from their own accounts to finalise the deal with ease.

Please visit this page to know more about what bridging finance is and how businesses like yours can benefit from an affordable bridging loan. You can also visit this page to see how bridging finance works.

When Should You Apply for any UK Bridging Finance?

There are a number of situations that warrant the use of a bridging mortgage. While these situations are noticeably different from each other, common grounds exist between them. As a rule of thumb, the following factors can help you decide if your business can well use a bridging loan:

Time Sensitivity

As this is the biggest feature bridging finance packages bring to the table, it also becomes the leading indicator. If your business requires funding on an urgent basis, it becomes imperative for you to look at bridging loans as your top option.

Feasibility of Approval

This is a factor often overlooked by prospective borrowers. A bridging loan not only bridges the cashflow-gap, it also helps you fund projects that otherwise would find it difficult to secure funding.

Pressing Demands

There are situations which can only be dealt with funding. From overturning taxation liabilities to coming good on agreed-upon deals to honour commitments, businesses can use bridging mortgages in a variety of situations.

Typical Scenarios for Bridging Loans

Let’s take a look at some typical, representative bridging loan scenarios. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Cashflow Cover

This is the most generic use businesses make of bridging mortgages. Whenever a business requires a short-term capital injection, a bridging loan can show the way out. It’s worth noting that a majority of lenders prefer lending bridging loans for project-related expenses. So, it usually takes longer to secure a cashflow cover bridging loan.

Commercial Property Acquisition

There are times when a business can deem it more reasonable to buy a property to best benefit from low asking prices. In addition, businesses may prefer to buy a new property before selling the existing property. A bridging loan can provide the much-needed funding to finance such moves.

Development Projects

Many development projects run over and beyond the initial available development funding secured via development mortgages. In such cases, a bridging loan can be used as an auxiliary funding channel.

Arranging for Deposits or Down Payments

This is a typical practice adopted by businesses when they wish to buy or lease assets. While asset financing can take care of such needs, approval for the same isn’t always swift. So, businesses can raise the necessary deposits required for scenarios such as buying a fleet of vehicles, upgrading technical infrastructure or leasing newer facilities.

Raising Business Capital

While not a routine practice, businesses can still mortgage their existing properties to raise capital in the form of a bridging loan. This capital can then be used to secure investment deals.

Auction Finance

Auctions offer some of the best property purchase opportunities. It’s not possible, however, for every business to grab these opportunities, for the want of funding. A bridging loan can be just the right way to go in a scenario like this.

Honouring Commitments

At times, a business may find honouring previous commitments (to customers, banks, or other creditors) difficult. This is when a bridging finance package can help save the day.

Overturning Tax Liabilities

Unforeseen tax liabilities are a matter of grave concern for every business. If your business has to confront such a situation, a bridging loan can help you raise the money required to overturn these liabilities.

Why Choose Our UK Bridging Finance Services?

UK Bridging finance, despite its recent popularity, is still an ‘alternative’ mode of financing. Most businesses fail to secure a good bridging loan deal, simply because they lack the negotiation experience. Add to that a large deal of paperwork, and the whole process becomes too cumbersome to be feasible. This is the reason why, having a veteran commercial finance broker like Commercial Finance Network working for you is crucial.

“Fast decisions, responsible lenders & swift release of funds – UK Bridging Finance leaves no stone un-turned to make sure that you get a bridging loan that is nothing but ideal for your requirements!”

Some of the most prominent reasons that make our bridging finance services popular among UK businesses of all sizes are:

  • We bring to the mix a great deal of experience in the commercial finance industry.
  • Our track record of helping developers, investors and businesses get affordable bridging loans is second to none in the UK.
  • A delayed bridging loan is of little consequence. Knowing this, we work at close quarters with the lenders to ensure that you can access the funds in a matter of days.
  • Our panel of whole of market lenders consists exclusively of licensed and reliable lenders located across the UK. Therefore, when we broker a bridging loan for you, your application has the best chance of getting approved.
  • Access to some of the best bridging interest rates in the market!
  • We maintain local presence throughout the UK. Your local Broker will continually keep you updated on the progress of your application and be available to answer any questions you might have.

Go with Experience, Go with UK Bridging Finance!

A well-structured bridging loan has all the potential to be a boost to your business. There’s no substitute for experience and we possess decades’ worth of cumulative experience in brokering project-specific bridging loans.

Let us handle the difficult part of the job for you – get in touch with us to speak with one of our Bridging Finance Experts today!