A Bridging Loan can help you tide over a capital gap with ease. But is bridging the gap the only advantage of Bridging Finance packages?

What are the risks involved in getting into a Bridging Loan deal?

Bridging Loan Benefits

  • The first and the foremost bridging loan benefit is that it is much more easily accessible than other mortgages.
  • A bridging loan can be arranged within days, allowing the borrower to readily finance their project – especially in between the sale and purchase of a property.
  • A bridging finance package is more flexible than any other commercial mortgage.
  • Many lenders offer unique ‘interest-only’ bridging loans. These allow you to pay the interest on a monthly basis, while the principal loan amount is merged as a part of the existing mortgage. This is immensely beneficial for businesses with limited cashflow.
  • For businesses not registered in the UK, or for immigrants who don’t have a credit history, getting a property mortgage is a nearly impossible task. Such entities can, however, get a bridging loan with adequate collateral.
  • Processing fees, charges and even interest payments on bridging loans can all be rolled into a one-off conclusive repayment (subject to the lender’s discretion).
  • Bridging loans are robust and adaptable. They can be used to finance almost every business expense.

Potential Shortcomings of Bridging Loans

  • A bridging loan, being a short-term mortgage, comes with higher interest rates than long-term mortgages.
  • Some lenders may charge additional fees for early repayment.
  • The principal loan amount of a bridging loan is usually much smaller in comparison with conventional property mortgages.

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